Power Yoga

Power Yoga

With a focus on strength & endurance, Power Yoga is a wonderful compliment to any fitness or training regime. Using breath to help guide through your movements, you can increase your stamina, lung capacity & muscle tone. We use Power Yoga to create heat in the body & flow through sequences with little breaks to increase cardio.

Power Yoga is safe for athletes as it is ensures the bulk muscle is warmed up first to promote safe stretching to reduce injury. However, it is a style of yoga that is safe for people of all ages & fitness levels.

Our number one priority is safety! There are always variations that can be used to modify if the participant is unable to safely execute any given pose. Each person works to their unique ability but also pushes themselves for personal improvement.

Any fitness level & those new to yoga are welcome. Power Yoga will improve posture, flexibility, strength, endurance, & balance. Along with noticing more energy, the benefits of Power Yoga can be seen through your other fitness activities, providing you with more control & focus. Power Yoga is low-impact which means there is less stress on the joints.

All you need for yoga is a mat, comfortable clothing & yourself! It is recommended to bring water (you will want to hydrate during class!) & a towel (to wipe up your perspiration & keep as much sweat off your mat as possible). You should always be drinking lots of water to hydrate your body but please ensure you drink a fair amount of water the day of practicing Power Yoga – you will sweat & your muscles will need to stay hydrated to avoid cramping.

Power Yoga runs Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6pm


Drop in: $12

5 class package: $55

10 class package: $100

20 class package: $180

50 class package: $400

*taxes extra


We also offer private & semi private yoga classes!

Private yoga class: $50 plus tax

Semi-private yoga class: $35 plus tax/each

Yoga positional privates: $30 plus tax

If you have any questions or comments please contact us by phone (613-612-9171) or email (kemptvilletc@gmail.com)

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